Sometimes, when you are new to a church there is some “church lingo” that you may not be familiar with. At MSBC, there are a few “words” you will see a lot but may not know what we are even talking about. So, here they are to help you out…


CTHCecil Thomas Hall (named after a former pastor).  The Oldest Sanctuary.  Church Offices, Trendsetters Class, Small Kitchen, & Skype/Overflow. Used also for small Bible Studies, Meetings, & Events.


T.E.L.L. Class –  Timothy, Eunice, Lois & Lydia. Senior Adult Ladies’ Class located temporarily in the Old Sanctuary.  Used for Skype/Overflow & Meetings.

E & A –  Education & Activities Building.  The 2-story building behind church. Fellowship Hall, Classrooms, Kitchen, Meetings, & Skype/Overflow. Elevator for your convenience.
W34 –  West 34 Acre Property. This is our church property where we are building our new sanctuary and facilities. Also, we have church wide activities on the property and we have a vision for future recreation and more.