MSBC Sunday School Classes
We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.
Sunday School Tree
…and how from infancy you have known the Holy
Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for
salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. 
2 Timothy 3:15
Location of Rooms
The C.R.I.B. (Children Raised in the Bible)
Carole Rapp, Director
(Rooms #202, #203 and #204) CTH
We love babies and would love to invite your little one 6 weeks thru 2 years old to our CRIB during service times.  We have little bible lessons, sing songs, and play together.  Learning and growing together in Jesus.  Let us know how we can help serve you to help in your worship experience at MSBC.
Brian and Jan Simmons/Kristi Bass
(Room #105a) E&A Upstairs
This class is just for 3 year olds.  Our theme is Letting Jesus Light Our Way.  We would love to invite your little one to our class to learn more about Jesus and have fun doing it!
Gayle Corey and Sandi Taylor
(Room #102) E&A Upstairs
This class consists of 4 & 5 year olds learning to love God’s word.  We use the Bible-in-Life quarterly by David C. Cook.  We learn Bible verses, books of the Bible, and Bible stories.  We learn how they apply to our daily lives.  We also learn how to pray, sing sings, do crafts and play games.  If you are 4 or 5 years old, we would love to have you come to our class.
Rooms #100-115 are located in the Education and Activities Bldg.  This is the two-story building behind the church to the south.
Rooms #200-210 are located in the Cecil Thomas Hall Building which Is adjacent to Hwy. 110.
Spiritual growth is about “doing” but it is also about “becoming”—
  • Becoming a life-long learner about God’s purpose for the world.
  • Becoming a faithful “family” that lives as Jesus taught.
  • Becoming servants with a vital ministry in this world.

 This life-long adventure takes patience, commitment, and intentional focus.

Our purpose in Christian learning is to help discover in Scripture and relationship with each other how God wants us to live.

Brian/Ashley Wells
(Rooms #101) E&A Upstairs
We are young adults/middle age.  No limits on age or marital status, so we’re open to anybody coming to be a part of our class.  We use Bible based curriculum with discussion and try to do current events/real life application.  We love to fellowship and get together.
Mike Dodgen/Kevin Yandell
(Room #103) E&A Upstairs
We are a new class made up of multi-aged single and married adults.  We titled the class Grateful Hearts because we are striving to be more grateful in our lives.  We open the class by  sharing blessings we have experienced through out  the week. The lessons are taken from Bible based curriculum and we encourage open ended discussion.  We have a lot of fun and enjoy having fellowships about once a month.
Winford /Sarah Stone and Keith Hammons
(Room #108) E&A Downstairs
Multi-generational class of both singles and married adults.  A discussion class based on various topics from both the Old and New Testaments.  We are currently studying the book of Nehemiah.
Glenda Pinkerton and Velmer Heim
(Room #205) CTH
We consist of various ages, but mostly 55 and up, married couples and singles.  We use the Bible as our guide and study verse by verse.  We often have class gatherings.  We welcome you to come visit us.
Joe Mangus & Juli Woolley
(Room #105) E&A Upstairs
This is our newest class for 18 to 40 year olds. Come join us and bring a friend with you as we study the Bible verse by verse together.
Senior Adults
Tabitha Hart
(Rooms #100) E&A Upstairs
This class is for our 1st and 2nd grade students.  We memorize Bible verses and learn Bible stories.  We strive to teach the children how to apply these stories in their lives.  We try to mix fun and learning in a way that the children enjoy.
Sherry Wallace 
(Room #104) E&A Upstairs
We use the Bible Studies for Life literature and have a serious but fun time each week.  Students are encouraged to bring their bibles, to pray out loud, and participation is encouraged.  Come and visit us, we will welcome you!!
Troy/Heather Harris and
Jordan/Mandy Martin
(Rooms #106) E&A Upstairs
For students in Grades 7-12.  We use the Explore the Bible curriculum and our discussion style environment is designed to encourage students to dig into the Scriptures.  Our ultimate desire is for them to know Christ and make Him known to the world.  Come, join us and be the revolution!
TEL CLASS (Timothy, Eunice and Lois)
Patsy Barnwell/Betty Kindig
(Rooms #200) CTH
This class is made up of women usually sixty-plus.  Some are married and some are widows.  We love studying the Bible and use quarterlies from Baptist Way Press.  We enjoy hearing what others glean from God’s Word.  Once a month we celebate birthdays by going on an outing.  We love having visitors and new members.  Come check us out.
Mark Ellis/Hank Longcrier
(Room #110) Children’s Bldg.
This is a class for men 70 and up, married or single, who enjoy studying the bible.  Right now we are using the literature “Bible Studies for Life,” but we are flexible and are willing to change.  We are the last class before meeting the Lord.