Amazon Outreach is a non-profit, interdenominational Christian mission organization formed to support churches and other organized ministries in Brazil in spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ throughout the Amazon River Basin. We partner with indigenous churches in Brazil that are seeking unreached people in the 30,000 villages with no Gospel presence, pastoral leadership, or biblical instruction.

Amazon Outreach takes Christians from every walk of life to the Amazon River to participate in various ministries. These ministries include medical, dental, eye care, evangelism, construction, and bible instruction for men, women, and children. By meeting physical needs we establish relationships with the villagers opening the door to share the love of Jesus Christ with them.

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2022 Amazon/Brazil Mission Trip Collection List

Collection Bins Are Located in the E&A or Drop Items Off By Office


Women’s Items: Hats, Canvas Totes, Dish Towels, Hot Pads

Men’s Items: Fishing Line 40lb & Hooks, Caps, Flashlights & Batteries, Small Pocket Knives

Flip Flops: (Men & Women, Size 9 & Under)

Toiletries: Travel Size Deodorant, Lotions, Soaps

Sunglasses & Reading Glasses: (Men, Women, & Children Styles, Any Strength)

Medical Items: Antiseptic Creams, Cortisone Creams, Triple Antibiotic Ointments, Prenatal & Children’s Vitamins with Iron, Tylenol, Ibuprofen

Children’s Items: Individually Wrapped Candy (chewables, lollipops, tootsie rolls, sweet tarts)

Baby Items: Summer Clothing, Lightweight Blankets, Pacifiers, Teething Toys, Cloth Diapers & Pins,  Small Individual Packs of Baby Wipes

Misc: Soccer Balls w/ Small Hand Pumps / Needles (Sz 5), Gallon & Snack Size Ziploc Bags





Bruce Rudd

Mike Barker

Stan Head

Laura Head

Bryleigh Trotter

Velmer Heim  (Fully Paid)


If you’d like to donate to help with their  expenses use the links provided above or call the church office. Thank you.