Reducing the Risk
Reducing the Risk is a comprehensive, turnkey solution for implementing a child sexual abuse prevention program in churches and related ministries.
Child abuse strikes children of every age and social background. Often it occurs in settings where children or youth completely trust adults – in homes, schools, camps, athletic and park programs, and most sadly, the church. We have a profound moral obligation to reduce the possibility of child abuse ever occurring here at Mt. Sylvan Baptist Church. We are taking a positive step to provide a safer and more secure environment for our children. If you are participating in a ministry, especially working with children 17 & under, it is a policy of our church that you attend one of these classes.
We are blessed that a majority of our congregation, ministry leaders & assistants, have taking this very important class to help protect our children.
Please contact the church office at 903-882-3890 to sign up for our next session or contact Gayle Corey in the church. Thank you.
We try to regular schedule a class every quarter.