#2 Church Unity

Within this short 8 chapter book called “Song of Solomon”, we find the biblical pattern of love. The book is a song written by Solomon filled with oriental imagery and metaphors. There is much I want to say about this great book, but for now, let’s focus on one verse.

God teaches us an important lesson on relationships and unity with a very short and simple verse that simply says:


Song of Songs 2:15 “catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom
This verse  concerns two godly folks in love and she doesn’t want any little foxes coming in there and messing it all up.  The bible says it’s while things are at its best, literally “full bloom,” that those little critters show up. But the lesson of the “little foxes” can help us all as we relate to each other in the church. It’s those little sins, it’s those little things we typically would just blow off, but instead we won’t let it go. Well, that’s all Satan needs to tear up the unity in a church. The devil doesn’t need something big, he just needs little foxes. So if we start getting cross ways with another believer over petty things, then some little sins (foxes) have gotten loose in our mind. Don’t let them spoil that wonderful friendship! Catch them and preserve that relationship as quickly as possible. Don’t let those little foxes spoil your vineyard of love…it’s not worth it.

Notice the little foxes didn’t show up until the vineyard was at full bloom. The little foxes described are not the mature older foxes, but the smaller immature younger foxes. They enter the vineyard at full bloom and they want to play. They are pulling on the blooms and making havoc of the vines as they play. The mature foxes aren’t interested in any of that. Right now as a church we are “full bloom”.  Sometimes we began to get lazy with our walk in Christ and before you know it, where we once were walking in spiritual maturity, we suddenly find ourselves acting immature spiritually. That little fox of pride takes off in our mind and we get offended or we offend someone else we love. That little fox of anger jumps right out of our mouth hurting those we love most. That little fox of jealousy starts gossiping and starts exaggerating an issue to hurt the other person or bring them down. These are the little sins of immaturity that Satan uses to erode our relationships. So how do we catch those little critters? Well, we can’t on our own, but Christ can. When a few of those little foxes get loose and begin to harm your relationships, tell it to Jesus. Get His forgiveness!  Then, if you offended the other person or they offended you,, go to them in a Galatians 6:1 spirit and get things right. Remember the issue is not about winning the argument; the issue is restoring the relationship. Christ knows truth perfectly, yet He is so patient with you and me. How often we think we understand a matter, yet from the eyes of Jesus we could be so far off. So, if Jesus is patient with us, than we should be with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Let’s watch out for those little foxes and end 2016 the way we ended 2015 at Mt. Sylvan…in a Spirit of unity and love. Take note that the little foxes do the most harm when the vineyard is in full bloom.! Right now our church is in full bloom. It loves, it’s forgiving, and it’s filled with the presence of God. So let’s catch the little sins of our heart and ask God to fill us with love, patience, and joy…esteeming others higher than ourselves. Happy New Year!  Bro Bruce Rudd  

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